YS Park Comb 339

Recognised by numerous hair academies worldwide, the YS-339 is a basic fine cutting comb suitable for all technical abilities.

The YS Park 339 is the real workhorse of the range. It’s a good all-round cutting comb with fine and wide teeth and YS Park’s patented parting head design. It also features grip holes set 1 cm apart which not only make it easy to hold the comb, but also work as a handy ready-reckoner when you need to get equal-sized sections. Of course, being YS Park, the 339 is beautifully balanced and extremely durable.

What we love!

The YS-339 features the YS PARK signature parting head design and grip holes set at convenient 1cm increments. Extremely well balanced comb that instils confidence and helps you work faster.

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camel, carbon black, deep purple, graphite, laser red, peach, red, white, gold, pink, mint green, forest green, matcha green, blue


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