YS Park 50AC2 Beetle Brush

Non-slip wave design with 30 vent holes on the body for faster blowdrys with less heat damage.

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Convex brush pad gives more tension through the hair when brushing from underneath. Stiff pad for better control. 100% trimmed Boar bristles for unbeatable shine with polyamide pins to pick up and control hair. YS Park’s Beetle brushes are designed with a more curved bristle profile than the YS Park Tortoise to give a better tension on the hair. This makes them ideal for brushing underneath hair panels and for creating gloss in an updo. Each Beetle has a body moulded into a wave pattern which makes it easy and comfortable to grip. There are 30 vent holes which make blow drying super quick and thus reduces heat damage to the hair.

Why YS Park?

YS Park is a brand renowned for its excellence and YS Park combs are often the first choice for professional hairstylists across the world. Designed in Japan, its products provide the very highest quality and functionality whilst ensuring ultimate comfort.


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