YS Park 120 CC1 Tortoise Brush

Vent cushion brush with 11 air flow holes on body for faster blowdrys with less heat damge. Full length Boar bristles for a deeper shine | brings out maximum natural gloss to create creamy texture. Stiff pad for better control. Anti-bacterial coated wood body for lightweight construction and non slip dry grip.


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YS Park’s Tortoise Brush range are right at the pinnacle of cushion brushes. They’re made with incredible craftsmanship and the very best materials to produce a brush that will bring the ultimate in natural shine and gloss out of your clients’ hair. Each of the Tortoise brushes feature 11 air vents in the back of the brush. These allow hot air to flow through the brush giving you faster blow drys and keeping heat damage to a minimum.

The brush body and handle are wooden reinforced with carbon fibre, making them strong and anti-static. The cushion is designed to give great control.

Why YS Park?

YS Park is a brand renowned for its excellence and YS Park combs are often the first choice for professional hairstylists across the world. Designed in Japan, its products provide the very highest quality and functionality whilst ensuring ultimate comfort.


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