Foil Me THE FOXY WIDE (PRE-CUT FOIL – 500 SHEETS – 6″ X 10.75″)

Brighten up your salon with FOIL ME’S THE FOXY WIDE.

How high brands are excited to bring you, Foil Me’s fabulous Foxy foils in Wide. They are a multi-coloured fantasy come true! Designed in collaboration with Mia De Vries, owner of The Fox and The Hair salon, these foils are perfect for those looking to add an extra splash of colour to your salon, ensuring your foiling creations stand out from the crowd!



  • Saves you time, our signature embossing prevents slipping and assists with quicker processing time.
  • Convenient, the sleek Foil Me ‘shoe-box’ design allows for neat dispensing without sticking.
  • Evokes positivity, pink provides compassion and love, purple brings peace, trust and integrity and the blue adds imagination  and spirituality!
  • Elegant, a sleek and luxurious design that suits any salon décor.
  • Choice, two sizes for a variety application techniques.
  • Environmental, our foils and packaging are 100% recyclable AND they are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium like all foils.


  • Embossed pre-cut foil
  • 15cm X 27cm
  • 500 sheets

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