Barbicide DUO

This Barbicide Duo includes the Barbicide Disinfecting Jar (35 fl.oz / 1 Litre) and the bestselling Barbicide Solution (64fl.oz / 1.89 Litre)

The Barbicide Disinfecting Jar

The jar is a custom molded glass with stainless steel assembly that provides convenient, easy disinfection of instruments and salon tools. The self draining retrieval basket permits immersion and removal of tools without putting your fingers in disinfectant solution.

  • Disinfect tools between clients
  • Carries a no-rust guarantee
  • Capacity 1.09 Litre, Height 29.2 cm
  • Barbicide solution sold separately
  • Will not impair even the finest cutting edge instruments made of carbon steel

This bestselling Barbicide Solution

Barbicide Solution is an E.P.A registered powerful hospital disinfectant that can be used as a fungicide, virucide, germicide and bactericide. Perfect for preventing cross contamination from one client to another, and disinfecting salon implements and surfaces in between clients.

  • Germicidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal and Pseudomonacidal
  • Fully biodegradable and has a mild fragrance

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