Infuse My. Colour – Graphite Shampoo


Infuse Tone, Gloss & Glow- Get Your Creative Head On!

Refreshes, Revives & Tones Coloured Hair


100% Vegan Formula      0% Sulphates
0% Silicones                      0% Parabens


Infuse My Colour ™ Graphite  Shampoo  Creates steel like charcoal tones

 on bleached hair and graphite tones to dark brown to light hair.  

Graphite will also cancel out red/orange tones in brown hair.

What will Graphite turn out on my coloured or bleached hair?

If your hair is coloured dark brown Infuse My Colour™ Graphite Shampoo will add a graphite/ash tone to the dark brown.

If your hair is coloured  Light Brown Infuse My Colour™ Graphite Shampoo will add steel tones to your light brown hair.

If your hair is bleached Infuse My Colour™ Graphite  Shampoo will add striking charcoal steel tones.

How to use Infuse My Colour™ Shampoo – Apply a generous quantity of Infuse My Colour Shampoo 

double the quantity of your normal shampoo. Apply infuse my colour shampoo evenly and shampoo like a pro! 

Rinse and repeat the shampoo procedure, consecutive applications will add more tone to the hair,

 remember that infuse my colour shampoo is instant no need to wait. 

Once you have completed the shampoo ritual follow with Infuse My Colour ™Treat conditioner to comb through and rinse and style as usual.


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