About us

How High Brands offer 360-degree strategic brand support for salons, high-end retailers and e-commerce channels. Specialising in premium and eco hair lines, beauty & fashion brands and all that fits in between.

Customers are the foundation of all we do. Choosing the right brands and delivering exceptional customer service
is the DNA of How High.

Ben Waring
Managing Director


With Us


How High Brands has 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. In this time we have worked across all sales channels, supporting distributors, managing e-commerce retailers, growing salons and working directly with national retailers, this has led us to have an enviable knowledge and understanding on multi-channel sales and what it can mean for your business.

Results are paramount and having worked with two of the most successful start-up brands ever in the hair industry we know and understand how to get the best from your business.


With 20 years of professional hair and beauty industry experience, How High has built an enviable rapport with many of the key salons, salon groups and stylists in the UK and ROI.

Professional by design and professional by nature, How High focus on maintaining the integrity of the professional brand and salon at every stage. We only represent the very best category-killing products and place these through the very best salons.

If you would like to know more about our brands, the salons we can supply or talk to us about representing your brand please click on the “lets talk’ tab below.


How High identify, procure and deliver beautiful, unique and special hair & beauty brands to the beauty e-commerce retailers and high-end department stores across the UK and Europe.

We have years of direct and personal business to business relationships with many of the key influential retailers, PRagencies and beauty buyers.

If you would like to know how we could represent your brand or what brands are in our portfolio please use the “lets talk” tab below.



We’re aspirational

We partner with the latest innovative brands, pioneers in their field, pushing the boundaries.

We inspire

We offer a real and diverse forward-thinking mentality. We will work with you or your brand to ‘think different’ and challenge the status quo.

We’re real people

Integrity is everything at How High. No short-term gains, just an honest long-term focus built on strong relationships.

We’re environmental

Ecological, sustainability and next generation. Pillars that not only suit the products and brands we chose to work with but a philosophy we carry forward as a business.​

We care

Is it a cliche that we actually do care about our customers and partners, after all, they are at the core of everything we do and stand for. The end user will always be our champion!

We educate

We are dedicated to learning and sharing our knowledge. Education, increasing our awareness and working to communicate our experiences can only make us all stronger and better at what we do. Surely not a bad thing?



Without the right guidance, education and support your business or brand won’t succeed. Education is paramount and a fundamental must for any business. How High has a dedicated team that will offer the very best training and support for your salon or your brand.

Our aim is simple and this is to deliver session led courses and develop academy level skills. Please click on the link below for further details